Knowledge Management Analyst – TPI

Job: Knowledge Management Analyst – TPI
Posting Date: 07/13/2022
Closing Date: 07/27/2022
Job Description:

The Knowledge Management Analyst works within the Office of Transportation Performance & Innovation (TPI) to collect, organize, track, communicate, and foster the sharing of knowledge and information generated by and for the State Mobility Authorities (SRTA, GRTA, and the ATL). The TPI mission is to enable evidence-based and customer-focused enhancements to the statewide and Atlanta-region mobility networks. This mission is accomplished by providing thoughtful and systematic research, analysis, reporting, and program development services. The Knowledge Management Analyst works under the supervision of the Senior Knowledge Manager and other TPI management including the Director of TPI. Content managed by this position may include data and analysis results; research reports; presentation materials; reports on projects-in-progress and completed milestones; documentation of job roles; process details and workflows; program histories; process improvement histories; lessons learned from projects, initiatives, conferences, and training; meeting minutes; and other content that may be identified by or with TPI management.

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