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GRTA Board of Directors

The GRTA Board of Directors is comprised of 15 members from among the ranks of private and public sector leaders throughout metro Atlanta, all of whom are chosen by the Governor of Georgia.

A core function of the GRTA Board is to serve in an advisory capacity to the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), who is responsible for the management and operations of the Xpress Commuter Coach Service.  In this role the GRTA Board receives and evaluates public comment related to Xpress as required by SRTA’s Title VI Program and as otherwise required by federal regulation, as well as to provide transit-related recommendations to SRTA at the request of the SRTA Board.  Recommendations include proposed major service changes, proposed fare changes, or any other transit matter as requested by the SRTA Board.

The members of the GRTA Board also serve as the Governor’s Development Council (GDC), a separate entity with a statewide purview whose work is supported by SRTA staff. The purpose of the GDC is to assist and advise the Governor on the state’s economic development and planning activities. This role includes coordinating the efforts of other state agencies and performing tasks designed to address specific areas of importance to the state’s overall economic success.

Board Officers and Members

  • Walter M. “Sonny” Deriso, Jr., Board Chairman
  • Richard A. “Dick” Anderson, Board Vice Chairman
  • Ann Hanlon
  • Martha S. Martin
  • Narender Reddy
  • William Tate
  • Robert “Bob” Voyles
  • Bernie Tokarz
  • Shaun Willie
  • Kathryn Zickert
  • Sharon Mason
  • Jace Brooks
  • Frank Auman


Board Meetings
The next GRTA Committees and Board meeting will be 1-8-20. Please check the agenda below for exact times.

To see the full 2020 schedule, click here. The public is invited to attend both the committee meetings and the board meeting itself. All meetings are held in the board room of GRTA’s Corporate Office unless otherwise noted.

The Board highly values public participation in its meetings and sets aside up to 30 minutes at the beginning of each Board meeting to receive public comments. A speaker must register in person by the start of the Board meeting. Speakers are limited to three minutes each.

Click here to view live meetings.

Presentations and Minutes from Past Board Meetings
If you need any additional board meetings agendas or documentation please email
Jamie Harris, Board Secretary


Agendas for regularly scheduled meetings will be posted at least seven days prior to the meeting.